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mao aosta museum
mumu cow museum
Aosta from the sky
Loris Genesio
vanluc nghiempu
Vanluc Nghiempu
spazio scuola
An area for schools.
bambini mucca laboratori didattici scuole
Mumu Educational workshops


VMV didactic workshops begin on 8th October 2005 and end on 28th February 2006. 
Latte in abbondanza per tutta la famiglia!

Inexhaustible source of information, encyclopaedia at an arm’s length, a library constantly updated, internet allows communication between different individuals and an immediate and rapid intercultural exchange. It is often amusing and particularly educational ! The secret is in rendering simple those things which appear difficult and it’s in this way that Raffaella Lucianaz and Nathalie Clos , for several years experts in the conception and realisation of didactic projects destined for primary and secondary schools of the first phase, will introduce children and teenagers to the telematic and the world of the Virtual Museum Vallée. Using simple and efficient metaphors, the instructors will invite the apprentice-navigators to effect, step by step, their first experiences on the network réseau in discovering MAO, the first town museum to gather the images of its history, past and present, the urban changes of Aosta , and the daily life of its inhabitants and of MUMU which presents the iconography of the cow in all its facets: from design to advertising, from postcards to stamps, from art to handicrafts.

The VMV can be interpreted as a crucible of ideas, a well of information and knowledge, the unlimited possibility to make, learn and play in complete security. In what way ? By demanding, from 1st October 2005 one of the 70 free didactic workshops destined for primary and secondary schools of the first phase which will start on 18th October 2005 and finish on 28th February 2006.

The didactic work on the world of the cow and on the town of Aosta, realised during the animated activities or autonomously by the teachers thanks to the suggestions and guidelines furnished by the instructors for the multimedia instrument, will be able to be published in the section “school area” of the Virtual Museum Vallée, and will be available to all those who believe in the significance of the contribution of new media to the process of learning and teaching.

For information and reservations, contact Raffaella Lucianaz at the firm Netbe – Internet Solutions on the following telephone number 0165 305570 or by e-mail to the address animazioni@vmv.it or via the contacts section of the Virtual Museum Vallée.

...quando ancora non esistevano le animazioni didattiche... ...la lezione frontale era inevitabile... ...fatto salvo per la gita estiva in colonia.
...quando ancora non esistevano le animazioni didattiche...
...la lezione frontale era inevitabile...
...fatto salvo per la gita estiva in colonia.
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